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InterReach Spectrum
ADC_InterReachSpectrum.gif Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
Category: Indoor Solutions
Product: InterReach Spectrum

InterReach Spectrum ™

Advanced Multi-band In-Building Distributed Antenna System (DAS)


InterReach Spectrum is used to extend wireless services throughout a building, multiple buildings, or campus. It is the market's most flexible, scalable and complete solution for addressing coverage and capacity needs for current and emerging wireless networks. It provides edge-toedge bandwidth and multi-band flexibility. Spectrum also offers industryleading element management that includes on-site or remote accessible system alarming and management of network elements and the cable infrastructure. Spectrum is a scalable platform that allows for easy system growth in size and scope of solution, whether the system needs to scale to reach new service areas inside of buildings or add bandwidth and capacity as necessary.


- Supports multiple frequency bands and wireless protocols in one system (2G, 3G, 4G)

- Air interface independent

- Supports up to 8 bands in non-contiguous segments of0 1.5 to 75 MHz each

- BTS interface supporting RF and CPRI/OBSAI standards

- Star and Cascaded topologies

- Hybrid (indoor/outdoor; Spectrum/Prism) configuration for campus and large, open space indoor environments such as stadiums

- Common hardware with Prism

- Spectrum and Prism software, alarming, configuration and maintenance through one platform; web-based and SNMP

- Simplifies procurement, reduces spares kit and simplifies installation

- Add bands, protocols by adding DART cards and Remotes

- No need to pull added CATV in ceiling for additional bands

- Digital transport maintains superior signal quality even over long distance fiber runs

- High dynamic range increases capability for data throughput, enabling higher rate broadband services

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