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InterReach Fusion
ADC_IRFusion.gif Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
Category: Indoor Solutions
Product: InterReach Fusion

InterReach Fusion ®

Multi-Band In-Building Distributed Antenna System (DAS)


InterReach Fusion is a true multi-band system that provides state-of-the-artin-building wireless coverage and capacity for campus environments and areas greater than 250,000 square feet. Highly economical and remarkably easy to maintain, this solution’s advanced configuration options are ideal for mobile operators deploying multi-band spectrum in-building solutions. It also can be used for multi-operator installations at public venues such as hotels, retail shops, subway stations, as well as for enterprises. The InterReach Fusion, featuring easy-to-deploy double star architecture, consists of one main hub and up to four expansion hubs connected via fiber. Each expansion hub connects via CATV cabling to up to eight remote access units (RAUs).


- Multi-band, multi-operator system

- Delivers wireless voice and high-speed data

- Supports frequencies from 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz

- Dedicated capacity per band, easily supports dense user environments

- High output power that provides greater coverage area per antenna

- Distributed amplifier system ensures best-in-class performance and uniform output power at every antenna point

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