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InterReach Unison
ADC_IRUnison.gif Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
Category: Indoor Solutions
Product: InterReach Unison

InterReach Unison®

Single-Band In-Building Distributed Antenna System (DAS)


The InterReach Unison is a highly flexible software-based wireless networking system that adapts to changing needs easily and keeps system life-cycle costs low. It specifically addresses the needs of larger installations and dense, high-traffic environments, such as convention centers, sporting venues and airports. This modular architecture provides wireless operators and building owners with power and intelligence in a single, versatile solution. The InterReach Unison features an easy-to-deploy, double-star architecture with three components: a main hub, an expansion hub, and a remote access unit (RAU) that connect using single-or multi-mode fiber and CAT-5/6 twisted pair cabling.


- Superior RF performance and high composite power support more channels and deliver greater coverage in a wireless network

-Provides software configurable components for flexible system configuration

- Offers simple installation using fewer components

- Uses industry-standard cabling

- Provides industry-leading advanced operations, administration and maintenance capabilities

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