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FlexWave Prism
ADC_FlexWavePrism.gif Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
Category: Outdoor Solutions
Product: FlexWave Prism

FlexWave™ Prism

DAS/Compact Radio Head


ADC's FlexWave™ Prism is a new compact radio head for macro gap coverage that supports up to four frequencies delivering high-performance coverage with end-to-end management. The FlexWave Prism enhances wireless networks in outdoor locations and large venues easier and more cost effectively than ever before. Based on patented technology and ADC’s 15-year leadership in outdoor wireless distributed antenna system (DAS) technology, FlexWave Prism offers mobile operators a small, light, and flexible solution for extending macro network coverage for 2G, 3G, and 4G services. The FlexWave Prism system is ideal for extending outdoor coverage in cities, suburbs, canyons, tunnels, campuses, stadiums, and other public areas. It is over 35 percent lighter and up to 60 percent smaller than the previous ADC offerings, and is available in four different cabinet sizes to support one, two, three or four frequency customers or any mix of each. Operators can future-proof their deployments by purchasing a larger cabinet and adding more frequencies when needed. FlexWave Prism uses ADC’s proven digital RF technology and combined with CPRI or OBSAI support providing an unique, fullfeatured and flexible remote radio head offering. A robust remote management with an IP-65 rated remote ensure limited truck rolls and maintenance to the antenna sites.


- Management under the same host end equipment and EMS as the FlexWave URH, allowing operators to scale legacy URH deployments with the FlexWave Prism

- ADC's patented RF-over-fiber transport eliminates installation-dependent gain or fiber length adjustments

- Improved manageability for installation and upgrades

- Smaller size to ease placement and zoning approvals

- 4G readiness with Four Band remote, which is ideal for incorporating 2G and 3G services with needs of 4G technologies such as MIMO

- The unique capability to support digital RF as well as baseband compatibility into a single fiber pair and remote radiating point

- Support for millimeter wave backhaul

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