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RF Planing

Radio frequency planning, radio network design analysis, the nominal planning, roll-out, Project Management and indoor Solutions, RF Planning and Optimization services such as Repeater / BTS are offered.

By using IBwave, RF design workings, Indoor Walk Test, Benchmark Tems and by using Site Verification Report Tems, getting tests and reporting procedures can be performed.

We provide 2g 3g and 4g services with our experienced and highly qualified personnel and our high knowledge.

Indoor Solutions

For the solution of service area problems at indoor places like shopping malls, high tower buildings, tunnels and metro stations, Mikrolink has developed and is still developing projects on a turnkey basis.

Some of the indoor service area projects accomplished are:

Baku Olympic Stadium, Demirchi Plaza, Globus Plaza, Yeni Hayat Plaza, Sofaz Plaza, Azadliq Car Parking, Rixos Hotel Shamaxi, Four Seasons Hotel

Mobile Base Stations

Mobile Base Stations are installed on places like concert halls, mass meetings, sporting events which can suddenly raise the volume of conversation traffic and for sudden need of additional GSM services like natural disasters as earthquakes.

> Installation, commissioning and on air
> Supervision and maintenance
> All repair works, services, insurance works for mobile vehicles

Outdoor Solutions

Outdoor solutions for GSM Service

> BTS&BSC Site Installation & Commissioning
> Site Acquisition
> Montage of HUB & Sub-Hub sites as well as STM work
> AG & OG energy works
> Revision and optimization works

Camouflage Works

GSM Base Stations are mostly hided with a natural camouflage in order to keep the natural look of the environment. For this purposes, Mikrolink keeps a competent team at the service of its clients who wish to have a camouflaged site designed and produced.

Especially on regions where the installation of a base station might be problematic, this kind of application has showed successful results.

Switch Board Buildings

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