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Innovation has been the dynamic force behind Coiler Corporation's success over the past 20 years (Company was founded in 1991). We have been able to offer our worldwide customers with dependable indoor mobile signal enhancement from our range of distinctive products.

Coiler has become a leading supplier of RF indoor repeaters that provide reliable access, quality voice and high-speed data transmission via cellular networks throughout any facility.

Our unique portfolio of cost-effective and quality assured Band Selective Soho, Pico, Mini, Micro and Macro Repeaters have been developed for use in GSM, DCS and UMTS networks. Coiler repeaters have been internationally recognized and certified by a number of telecom authorities, including the European ETSI / 3GPP, the American FCC and the Canadian IC. Coiler products also comply with CE, RoHS and WEEE requirements.

Our customer base includes network operators, infrastructure suppliers, system providers and integrators from across the globe. Having earned an impeccable reputation among our customers we continue to strive for the best in reliability and innovation.


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