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Who we are

We are Memoteknik, a quick thinking, fast moving, solution oriented company. We help telecom companies develop mechanical solutions cheaper, faster and better than before. We have friends and partners all over the world to help us make those ideas come alive.

Our headquarters and heritage is in the far north in Sweden, a small town next to the polar circle called Skelleftea. This gives us a sense of stability and loyalty to our friends.

What we do

We enjoy working in partnership to develop innovative solutions for the telecom industry. Our portfolio consists of high-performance solutions for both telecom networks as well as broadband network. Our guiding principles during the design process are user-friendliness, functionality and dependability. We work methodically and are always excited about new ideas. When we work with you, we are a focused and passionate team.

We operate on a global market both directly through our own sales organization and through our network of agents and distributors. Deliveries have been made to more than 40 countries and over 60% of the annual turnover is exported outside Sweden.

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